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Rhinestone Collars


Rhinestone Collars
 Matching Leashes

New item: Seat belts for dogs. Keep them safe in the car while riding or if you have to brake quickly. Using a harness is the safest method for restraint. Attach one end to your dog’s harness and the other end into the seat belt holder. Only $6.00!!

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 selection of
Bling Hats
only $15

Bling Sunglasses
For Mom
now on sale
​while they last!

Pick up one of our steel combs to use instead of a brush.
This will ensure your pet has no mats when it's time for grooming.
Holiday dresses and Hoodies
for your furry kids!!
Only $10
We now sell treats with no corn, wheat, or soy!!
​We also sell breath aids!