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Bling Collars
$22 - $28
 Matching Leashes

Advecta for dogs
and cats.
4 month supply
per box


Paw Print Kit
(No Mess)
with holder
for picture
We will embelish and do paw print for you (pic not included)

New item: Seat belts for dogs. Keep them safe in the car while riding or if you have to brake quickly. Using a harness is the safest method for restraint. Attach one end to your dog’s harness and the other end into the seat belt holder. Only $6.00!!

Clemson and Gamecocks Hoodies and Cheerleader dresses

Only $20

  Clemson and Gamecocks

Collars $20

Leashes $28

for your furry kids!!
Only $10
Pick up one of our steel combs to use instead of a brush.
This will ensure your pet has no mats when it's time for grooming.
Necklaces and
We now sell treats with no corn, wheat, or soy!!
(a few examples below)
Beastie Bars
Turkey or Beef
$2 Each or
3 for $5
Cheesy Bacon
Peanut Butter

New York Style Pizza or Bacon Duck Treats
(no corn, wheat, or soy)
All Natural Beef Bones
Plain or with Peanut Butter Filling
Contains Minerals and Nutrients
Helps Stop Unwanted Chewing Habits
Beneficial For Digestive Tract
Raw Bones Help To Clean Teeth
Small Plain - $5.00
Large Plain - $7.00
Small Peanut Butter Filled - $7.00
Large Peanut Butter Filled - $10.00
Car Seat Cover
Keep your seat clean from
dirt, mud, and hair.

Sale ​$25

(reg $30)
For Sale
Sun Conure with large floor cage.
First $400 takes both bird and cage!